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Beech Hill Primary School



Reception Curriculum Overview


Reading is at the heart of the children’s learning here at Beech Hill Primary School. The children in YR are taught how to read and write using the systematic synthetic phonics programme, Rocket Phonics. It provides an enjoyable and structured approach to learning how to blend words for reading and segment words for spelling.


Each half term the children are introduced to a new set of phonemes. Two new phonemes are taught each week, along with the skills of segmenting and blending words. Children are taught up to three tricky words each week. These words contain phonemes the children have not yet been taught. There are opportunities for children to revisit and secure their understanding of the phonemes at the end of each half term and throughout the summer term.


When learning how to blend, it is essential that children pronounce the pure sound such as ‘c’ not ‘cuh’. The link below has videos which show the correct pronunciation of each sound.


Phonics Overview - Deck 1

Phonics Overview - Deck 2Phonics Overview - Deck 3

Phonics Overview - Deck 4

Phonics Overview - Deck 5