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Beech Hill Primary School

School and Learning Council


Our Roles and Responsibilities

The school councillors meet on a weekly basis to provide people voice and feedback on a range of issues that may be happening in and around the school setting. there are 16 school councillors who were selected from Year 3 to 6, additional responsibilities of chairperson, deputy chair, treasurer and secretary are also given to pupils from year 5 and 6.

Vice-Chair Treasurer Secretary

Message from the Chair

Welcome to our page. Hi my name is A and I am the chair person of the school and learning council it is made up of sixteen pupils from the support of Miss Trivedi, Mrs Ali and Mrs Choudhury, were trying to make the school a better place for learning.


Recent work

This year the school councillors have met over the past several weeks and have had discussions about things that could be improved around the school, such as behaviour management during lunch times, food waste, littering around the school and the lunch menus. We have met with the kitchen manager Mr Bodsworth to discuss with the children about what they would like to keep and change regarding school lunches and how it can be improved.

We have also been supporting a very dedicated teach Mrs Begum from year six who is a regular volunteer that raises money for the charity - Children with cancer uk.

Our School has been very fortunate to have been chosen for an art project with four other schools within the local area to display our art work as a mural for the local green space (Kingsway Park). The art work that our children will design will then be displayed around the park. Our school Councillors will have an exciting art  project over the next few weeks.



These are the charities we have supported so far this year

Minutes of recent meetings

S & L Council Minutes 270919

S & L Council Minutes 181019

S & L Council Minutes 011119