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Beech Hill Primary School

Values & Ethos 

Our school community is built upon a foundation of values: respect, responsibility, positivity, resilience, perseverance and honesty – all derived from the core British values.

Permeating the whole curriculum, our values act as the basis for our children’s social, emotional, spiritual, cultural and moral development. Pupils and staff alike are proud to live the Beech Hill values.

We believe that it is important to teach our children to recognise and celebrate their own cultural heritage whilst learning to understand and respect the different racial, religious, cultural and language backgrounds of others.

We place children at the centre of all that we do.  Our shared vision is a school in which children are safe, valued, supported to learn independently, and able to think for themselves.  Pupils’ achievements are celebrated as they progressively develop skills that enable them to make good progress and gain opportunities to strive for their own unique excellence.  Our pupils have access to quality-first teaching which is consistent throughout the school.  Beech Hill is a fully inclusive school and effective support is given to all pupils in order to make it so.  Staff take steps to ensure learning is effective and may use timely and precise interventions to support students in their learning.

Our bespoke, broad and balanced curriculum offers a range of creative, exciting and enriching first-hand experiences, both within the school day and beyond.  Adopting a growth mind-set approach, our children are confident in their ability use their mistakes as opportunities to learn. 

Pupils at Beech Hill achieve academically, personally and socially.  They are explicitly taught essential life skills: to work collaboratively, resolve conflict and be supportive of one another.  In addition, children recognise the necessity to keep themselves safe in a variety of contexts. 

 Children, parents/carers, staff, governors and the wider community recognise that they are all key stakeholders and thus feel proud to be a part of the Beech Hill family.  The school has an open door policy; we are committed to working with families to support children in their lifelong learning.