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School and Learning Council


Message from the Chair

Welcome to our page. Hi my name is M and I am the chair of school and learning council. It is made up of two pupil from each class. With the support from Mr Azad, we try to make the school a better place to learn.


What pupils think of our school and  learning council?

Our roles and responsibilities

The Beech Hill School and Learning Council is an elected body of children who represent all pupils' views. In the School and Learning Council, we enable our pupils to take an active part in school decision making. Therefore, giving pupils the experience of being valued, respected and listened to.


Purpose of the school council

¨ A way of running the school as a genuine partnership between staff and pupils.

¨ An opportunity for pupils to develop important life skills through initiating project and solving problems.

¨ Exploring and experiencing what it means to be a “good citizen” within their own community.

¨ A means of raising academic achievement.

¨ Learning how to present a reasoned argument when proposing change.

Promoting the school council: giving the school community a voice

¨ The school council will have a noticeboard in a prominent place in the school.

¨ There will be a school council suggestion box in each classroom for children to make comments to their councillors.

¨ There will be allocated time during circle time sessions for councillors to feedback from meetings and/for pupils to suggest new ideas.

¨ There will be a school council suggestion box near the front entrance of the school for anyone, including parents and visitors to the school, to make comments to the school council.

¨ All members of the school will be informed of the descision the council has taken.

¨ The council will have a responsibility to help the school become more environmentally friendly.

¨ The council will have the responsibility to think of ways to help the local and wider community become a safer, healthier and more peaceful place to live in.



Achievements and linked charities 

2018- Sohm project