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Annual Curriculum Overview


At Beech Hill we aim to deliver a relevant, exciting and practical curriculum. We believe we should develop our children's knowledge and understanding of a wide range of topics whilst ensuring that they have the necessary Literacy and Maths skills to help them become independent learners. We want our pupils to be motivated, engaged and challenged in all lessons and to develop a range of transferable skills that will equip them to cope in the outside world.


We have six subject teams, each of which consist of at least twelve members of staff offering a wide range of knowledge and experience. The teams are: English, Communication and Language; Mathematics; Science and Technology (including Computing); Humanities; Physical Health and Wellbeing (PE, PSHE, Citizenship); The Arts. All teams are responsible for ensuring that the children receive a broad and balanced curriculum. They also monitor what is planned and delivered in each year group so that clear progression is tracked across the whole school. Teams are responsible for maintaining resources to support the delivery of the curriculum and consult regularly with Year Team Achievement Managers to ensure that the school is well resourced. The teams also offer support, guidance and training sessions to staff where necessary.


The English, Communication and Languages team is responsible for monitoring and evaluating the Literacy curriculum (Speaking and Listening, Reading and Writing). Beech Hill is a 'Talk for Writing School' 

In Years Reception and One we use letters and sounds scheme, Phonics is taught daily.

We also teach reading through the Reciprocal Reading scheme and 'Reading Eggs'

The team also oversee the delivery of Modern Foreign Languages in the school. Years 3 to 6 study Spanish.


The Mathematics team have a particular focus on the teaching of the Calculation Policy  and Problem Solving, Mathletics is used to further support the childrens learning


Science and Technology also covers the teaching of Design Technology (e.g. model making) and Computing (computers, cameras, sound equipment etc).


The Humanaties monitor the delivery of History and Geography which are mainly taught through topic work (see the Curriculum Overview) and Religious Education.


Physical Education; Personal, Social and Health Education; and Citizenship are all managed by the Physical Health and Well Being Team. This team also organises sports festivals, inter-school competitions and sports days.


The Arts team oversee how Art, Music and Drama are taught throughout the school and how these are linked with topics, Literacy and Maths.


We follow a creative curriculum using topic themes which make links across the subject areas where appropriate but Mathematics is usually taught as a 'stand-alone' subject. We invite specialists in to school to enhance the learning experience e.g. engineers, design and technology workshops, animal keepers and authors. If you are able to offer your expertise in any area we would be very pleased to hear from you!


To see the curriculum for each year group please use the links below:


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