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Celebration Assemblies are held every Friday for children and staff. These assemblies celebrate and recognise specific achievements made during that week.



Attendance Awards


Well done to last week’s winners, who were:

Lime Class

Juniper Class

Plane Class

Elder and Holly Classes


Congratulations to Juniper, Plane, Elder and Holly classes who all achieved 100% attendance this week - will your class be next week's winners?  Well done to Lime and Plane classes who have both had 100% attendance for two weeks running.


You can help your class win one of these coveted certificates.  It is easy: all you need to do is attend school every day.



Children with excellent attendance are eligible for a variety of awards.  These include:

  • Weekly - The class with the best attendance in either Reception, Lower or Upper Phase receive a certificate and a trophy to display in their class for a week.
  • Termly - The class with the best attendance in either Lower or Upper Phase receive a trophy.  Reception classes receive a teddy bear.
  • Termly – Each class with the best attendance in their year group receives a certificate.
  • Yearly – The class that has received the best attendance for the year receives a certificate.


We also acknowledge individual children with excellent attendance as follows:

  • Pupils with 98%+ attendance for the Autumn Term will receive a small gift.
  • Pupils with 98%+ attendance for the Autumn and Spring Term will get to watch a film and have popcorn together.
  • Pupils with 98%+ attendance for the whole year will be rewarded for this with an entertainer coming into school for a special show.
  • All pupils with over 97% attendance per term will receive a certificate.
  • Children with 100% attendance for the whole academic year will also receive a £10.00 Mall voucher.



Summer 2017 Term Winners

Reception                                Plum

Year 1                                     Spruce

Year 2                                     Apple

Year 3                                     Oak

Year 4                                     Chestnut

Year 5                                     Maple

Year 6                                     Cypress



                                                 Reception                         Plum

                                                 Year 1                              Sprucee

                                                 Year 2                             Laurel

                                                 Year 3                             Oak

                                                 Year 4                             Chestnut

                                                 Year 5                             Maple

                                                 Year 6                             Cypress



And the best class for the whole school

over the 2016-17 academic year was





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